The Big Red Rock

 by Jess Stockham 
 published by Child's Play

This book tells the story of Bif, a small green monster, who finds his path is blocked by a big red rock which will not move out of his way. His friend Bop and a number of other monsters try to help Bif  but nothing seems to work.

Will the Big Red Rock ever move?

Find out what they decide to do next...

A simple and comic tale about teamwork and problem-solving.

"Jess Stockham’s assorted monsters are a willing, if inept crew and the sight of their ineffectual efforts is hilarious;

I particularly chortled over that Green Rock Driller."

JillRBennett from Red Reading Hub

"A thoroughly enjoyable story that’s reminiscent of the classic Chicken Licken but with a fresh and original twist."

Madge Eekal reviews