Free activities to download

A range of activities based on my picture book The Big Red Rock.

With skill levels from 'just for fun' to 'a bit tricky' they are suitable

for most 3-7 year olds.

Create a Monster

Draw and cut out monster body parts to assemble a monster that can try and move the Big Red Rock.

2 pages/file size 4.25MB

Monster Muddle

Colour in the rock then follow the path that will connect Bif to his breakfast.

1 page/file size 1.3 MB

Spot the Difference

Try and spot 5 differences between the two pictures of Bif pushing the Big Red Rock.

1 page/file size 1.7MB

other activities to come...

watch this space...

Dotty Patchwork                 Rock

Join the dots and colour in shapes

to design a patchwork rock.

1 page/file size 97KB

Topple the Rock

Colour in and cut out the Big

Red Rock then try and topple it

using scrunched-up paper balls.

1 page/file size 1MB

Rock 'n' Role-Play

Cut out and make mini-character puppets and a mini-tool kit for Rock 'n' Role-Play.

2 pages of craft and discussion ideas and 2 pages of images.

2 pages instructions

file size 498KB

2 pages images

file size 365KB

Make a Monster Mask

You need:

pencil, pen, marker

paint and  brushes

scissors and craft-knife*

double-sided sticky tape or pads


cardboard - the stronger the better

cutting mat

old newspaper

 *This project involves the use of a craft-knife:  very young children should always ask an adult to help .

Monsters in the garden...

 Make a mask from plywood or

MDF, paint with waterproof paint

and place in the garden as a

bird-scarer. Add foil to the eyes to reflect  the light. (adult project)

 Make a mini-mask from thin card replacing the eye holes with googly eyes. Add a lolly stick handle to make a plant marker.

...and in the kitchen.

Make a mini-mask from thin card and attach to a cocktail stick to make a cake topper. 

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